In June of '08, ten year old, Riley Jensen, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. During his hospital stay a representative from the JDRF came with a 'bag of hope' for Riley filled with some of the things he would need now in order to survive. The bag itself had an insulated pouch to hold his insulin and syringes, a blood glucose meter, a carb counting book, other very helpful books and materials, and, of course, a teddy bear. However, it was the representatives message of hope that changed Riley's attitude towards diabetes. He wanted to be the one to bring the hope to kids sitting in the hospital with the weight of the world on their shoulders. Seeing as he raced and still races motocross, of course, this had to be the way to do it! Each time Riley and Type 1 Racing racers ride they prove to themselves and everyone else that you CAN achieve anything regardless of the obstacles. Type 1 Racing feels we bring hope to those newly diagnosed by showing them they can still accomplish whatever they set out to do. Riley and Type 1 Racing went to the Tooele County commissioners with his story and 10 years ago and  Tooele County held it's first ever Race for a Cure. 'MX for a Cure...Bringing the Hope' has been such a huge success that we've  wrapped up a phenomenal 9th year celebration with Rocky Mountain Raceways . We wil have the dates for the 10th Annual 'MX for a Cure...Bringing the HOPE!. Proceeds raised from  TYPE 1 RACING's efforts to raise awareness, bring education to the public, and provide outreach programs to help those living with diabetes. A portion of all proceeds is donated to the JDRF to benefit their research for a cure; turning type one to type none!
Company Overview
TYPE 1 RACING was dreamed up by, Riley Jensen,when he was ten years old 2 days after being diagnosed with T1D (Type One Diabetes)! He wanted to 'bring the hope' to children with obstacles to overcome.  Ten years later a young boy's dream is now the dream of many, and a non-profit 501(c)(3). Riley still shows us all everyday that nothing can stand in the way of dreams coming true, and that's what he still hopes to do for other people, as does each member of TYPE 1 RACING. Type 1 Racing's mission is to raise awareness, bring education to the public and outreach to people with diabetes through the sport of motocross. We are also determined to continue to promote the sport of motocross and its place in the athletic community. All riders for TYPE 1 RACING are educated in diabetes and ride in support of not only TYPE 1 RACING but also to help demonstrate that anything is possible, no matter the obstacle...
General Information
Our mission is to reach out to people living with diabetes, raise awareness of diabetes and bring educational information to the public through the sport of motocross. We will also offer athletic opportunities & training to assist in our goals by sponsoring riders educated in type 1 diabetes. We will continue organizing "MX for a Cure...Bringing the HOPE", which we hope to make a part of the motocross racing series community throughout the country.  We are in the beginning stages of establishing a long time dream program 'Bringing the Hope' to provide further help and assistance to people living with diabetes and their families in times of medical need.