Jennifer Lindley

I am thrilled to be part of the T1 Racing Team.
I have had Type 1 diabetes for over 30 years.
It wasn't until my oldest son, Jordan was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes that my passion for a cure ignited.
Jordan was diagnosed with T1 diabetes at the tender age of 16 months, He was just a baby.
I was devastated when he received this diagnoses for I knew to well what his life would be like.
Raising a child with diabetes is one of the hardest things that I have done. I wanted Jordan to have a completely normal life without diabetes standing in his way.
Jordan played all sports growing up and lived a very active lifestyle. Even with the obstacle that diabetes would throw our way, we were determined that if he wanted to do something we would find a way. I have always lived by the motto - "control your diabetes and it won't control you". 
I have served on the BOD with JDRF when my son, Jordan was a teen. Jordan and I shared our story of diabetes with others whenever we could. 
I have lobbied many bills including the Stem Cell Research H.R.810 "Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act". 
My passion for helping others with diabetes grew when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. 
Watching the events unfold thru the media of the hurricane and how "unprepared" we can be, I created a durable airtight, waterproof diabetes emergency kit to help assist in times of need.
It was a friend of mine who introduced me to Shawn, Judi and Riley. It did not take long for me to love the T1 Racing Team. They are dedicated to "bringing the hope" to people with T1 diabetes. Riley lives his mission statement. He inspires others with diabetes to not give up on there dreams. He is an example of not letting diabetes control your life.
My passion is diabetes. I believe in quality of life. I know insulin is not a cure! Diabetes never takes a break - It doesn't go on vacation. 
I have hope in a cure for diabetes.