John "Skrawn" Stacey

The bio of John SkrawnStacey. Racing teaches lessons that relate to everyday life; Everyday life teaches lessons that apply to racing. I’ve only been racing about 8 years. I was competitive when I started. Kids put priority in check, and then came my second wave just 2 years ago. This time I’m learning the details! I cannot say enough about my wife and kids who support me in this. My daughter has now been racing with me over a year now. Her type 1 diabetes and my amazing wife lead me to Type1Racing. I wear their gear because I love the cause. They helped me understand how the adrenaline of racing reacts to type 1 diabetes and what to do to correct it. As said, “Bringing the hope”. Thank you! I really like the culture and support at Focus RC. This is my home track. I have learned through fellow racers coaching that consistency is the key. I have beaten some good drivers once or twice with consistency. I try to stay humble and positive when racing. We can’t always be first, but we can learn something new. Even winners learn. It is not about the mistakes we make; it’s about what we do with them. So let’s bring on the new drivers, let’s get them coached. Experience hurts, let’s get started!