Judi Jensen Founder (MOTO MOM) Does all that needs to be done!




 When Riley was diagnosed with diabetes, I couldn't get one smile out of him. He was so despondent.  I can't put into words what it does to see your child with the weight of the world on top of them and you can't take any of it away anymore.  You can help him and teach him but this was not something you could take away for him. All of his prior hospital stays and visits had been his asthma attacks, which were horrific and terrifying yet there was always the hope he'd grow out of it. I could always get him to smile throughout our crazy amount of hours spent in bed with his asthma, basically anytime he had a cold he was out sick for a few weeks. This time I couldn't get a smile. On our second day at Primary Children's they asked if a member from the JDRF could come to visit our family.  She came with their 'bag of hope' and a teddy bear. She told Riley she led a normal life did what she wanted to do just by taking care of her diabetes.  When she left the room ,Riley turned to us with a big smile and the hope we had all been looking for. He brought it to us.  He wanted to bring the hope to every other child feeling the weight of the world on thier shoulders. And he of course wanted to do it with motocross somehow, I preferred the idea of delivering bags, yet I could see the wheels in his head forming. Within a short time he talked to us about putting on a "MX for a CURE...bringing the HOPE " that way he could show everyone including himself that you could acomplish your dreams even with diabetes. The smile really has never really left his face.  He has never again asked 'why me'. It's because of that fact and my son's determination,that even though his riding motocross scared me, especially now with even more what if's- what if he dropped low, or was running too high,etc.,  even though I was terrified that i stopped trying to put it off to one day...he wasn't about to wait that long to bring the message of hope, and he was right.  I am forever grateful that my son was able to push us all out of our comfort zones and actually talked us in to trying to put on the first ever MX for a Cure.... I constantly marvle over his pure tenacity to make his dreams come true. And I know for a fact anytime a diabetic sees Riley on his bike,tearing it up, living life to it's fullest, they send a big smile his way, and hopefully a little hope floats back to them.

Our first race had very few spectators but almost every motocross family stood out there to show Riley their support.  They were all there for their own reason; aunts, uncles, mom's, dad's, brothers, sisters, friends or maybe even themselves, yet they all managed, along with all of Tooele County, to show a young boy, dreams really do come true.  To tell the truth, I think our whole family was taught that lesson from the start of the race... Since words can never express that sort of gratitude we made a pact of sorts that day and the ones following when Riley was out sick with the combo of diabetes/ and asthma.  If he started to feel down he looked to the wall and all the signatures on the banner from the race, and was reminded of all the support you had all shown him, which brought the smile magically back- that we would find a way to show everyone what they had done for us .Our family decided to turn TYPE1RACING into something more in order to give back to the community.  We heard a story on the news about a man trying to rob a pharmacy because he needed insulin for his son. Riley asked us what we were all thinking, "How can we help people so they are never out of the thing which keeps them alive?" He talked about finding a way to get people the medicine, food, etc. encouragemet. Riley is fearless in acomplishing his dream of 'bringing hope to anyone with an obstacle to overcome" and very persistent.  Now his dream just got bigger.   So last year we took the necessary steps to become a non-profit corporation which not only reaches out to the diabetic community but also the motocross community which have been our "family".  Riley hopes to bring "MX...for a cure...Bringing the HOPE" around the world... I constantly marvel at his pure tenacity to want to share his message of hope to others.  So many of Riley's dreams have come true thanks to all of you. We hope this will inspire you or someone you love to race for their dreams too..

Currently I head the Diabetic Awareness, Education & Outreach.  Thank you so much Eileen DeLeeuw, MS, RD, CDE, , Tooele County Health Department, the Tooele County Diabetes Coalition , and the JDRF for sharing all of your valuable educational information and materials.  Most of all thank all of you and our Type1Racing Team for what you do to empower children all over the world.

I would also like to thank Jamee Davis with the JDRF (Stacey,& Lauren too) for letting us take part in your JDRF RUFUS breakfast with our obstacle course- all those smiling faces on parents and kids alike.  It was an incredible experience!

 TYPE1RACING hopes to soon do an exercise program of sorts, more like a rec room, where parents know their children are safe exercising, kind of a passion of ours seeing it was one of the scariest things for me. All of our volunteer staff will be trained on the symptoms of both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia . At every TYPE1RACING meeting or event we will have carbohydrates and spare meters.  Also the Tooele County Diabetes Coalition via Eileen has offered to offer education to anyone in need during these times, an ' Ask an Expert' station.  We also plan to build an anonymous medical fund. We are working closely with both our athletc directors and our outreach committee to make these meetings fun, informative, and welcoming. My thanks to everyone who gives of their time to help dreams come true!!!



Judi Jensen