Justin Hanneman #13

Justin ‘Trol’ Hanneman

Not married. No kids. Background in business, marketing, advertising, communications, graphic design, art and entertainment. Typical guy trying to live the dream. I work, I play, I ride...

After meeting the Jensen family and hearing the inspirational story of a 10 year old boy that wanted to make a difference and help alleviate the fear and confusion of other children experiencing similar afflictions, I had no choice but to get involved.

            The strength and determination that Riley has shown, and continues to show, is overwhelming. I was ashamed for my own lack of strength, inspired by his selflessness, astonished by his vision and determination and in awe of his commitment of “BRINGING THE HOPE” to type 1 diabetics. I came to the realization that my only option was to do whatever was within my power to assist Riley and the Type1Racing team to achieve their goals… OUR GOALS.

            The first few races, “MX for a Cure,” were countless hours of hard work, planning, coordination, practice and execution to pull off a successful fundraiser to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation… Shortly after discussions began with Type1Racing, I realized something different needed to be done to accomplish more of Riley’s dream. As if giving tens of thousands of dollars towards finding a cure for diabetes isn’t noble enough, Riley wants to do more.

Riley, and the Type1Racing Team, wants to educate the community; both to desensitize the public to the testing and injections that diabetics need to perform to survive, and, to educate everyone about the signs of diabetes for the earliest possible detection and treatment of the disease. The educational portion of Type1Racing is going to help alleviate the embarrassment of the disease, allowing for more efficient treatment. I also feel that it is going to enlighten people, open their eyes to the fact that it’s more common than we would like to believe. This will, in turn, encourage more people to get checked for and treat diabetes.

The Educational Outreach, Athletic Outreach and Special Events programs aim to work together within a united organization to help people battle diabetes, empower them to stay strong and take pride in who they are, to focus on what they CAN do and who they can become. Riley is stronger and more capable now than when he was first diagnosed. He rides, not only for himself, but to prove to the world that YOU CAN do anything that you really want to do- and nothing, noone and no disease should EVER hold you back.

The inspiration that Riley and the rest of the Type1Racing team gives to me is my motivation to offer all of my knowledge, talents and abilities to assist in the continued efforts to achieve all of our goals and dreams. I am honored to be trusted, relied upon and to be of service to my amazing Type1Racing family.


Justin Hanneman