Kaiden Barton Rider #620 CRF 50

Kaiden is a 7 year old little pistol who loves to ride his dirt bike and does his best to keep up with his older siblings. He loves second grade and gets to goof around with his buddies at school. Kaiden was diagnosed when he was 18 months old. During his stay in the hospital the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation stopped by to provide the family with information in regards to support. This is when we learned of Type1Racing. Fast forward a couple of years to when his oldest brother decided he wanted to race motocross. Dad didn’t know much about motocross but did know the small track in the yard wasn’t going to cut it. He contacted Type1Racing to inquire about practice areas. The family was invited out to practice with the team. After a year of hanging around, the oldest joined the team racing an 85. Kaiden now races and has the remainder of his siblings racing as well!

Kaiden has learned to deal with his diabetes and knows he needs to work with his parents/siblings/school staff to get his medicine or food. He wears an insulin pump that provides a base level throughout the day. Additional insulin for food is monitored and delivered by inputs by his finger checker. He also wears a Constant Glucose Meter that displays his blood sugar level real time. Having  been diagnosed at a young  age has allowed him to grow up with it. Kaiden knows to come to his responsible person when his alarms are going off or when he wants to snack.