Kyle Williams #132

Kyle started Racing in 2003, he was Older then most but he was a natural and fell in love with the sport. He started running on a CR250. He won his first 3 races and moved to the JR class. By 2005, kyle was well on his way to achieving his goals & dreams. He qualified for the Grand National championships in Ponca City, OK. In 250 JR class-40th out of 120 riders, in 250f Modified he placed 11th out of 80 riders. He was running in the Wild West series and at the end he was the champion of the 250 Jr class. The 2006 season was looking promising for Kyle then on Aug 7th he wreaked on a 90 ft jump and that changed his life forever...... He was Life Flighted to the U of U Hospital. His family was told that they didn't Think he would make it through the night. His brain was swelling with no room for it to expand. On Aug 14th they removed the left side of his skull to give his brain the space it needed. He had to have a track tube and stomach tube put in. He was finally past the critical period but they said he would have disabilities. On aug 30th we moved him to south davis Rehab Facility, there Kyle had to learn to do everything, swallowing,eating,talking& walking. With all he had been through he new he rode motorcycles and wanted to get back on them.  Sept 20th found us going back to the U of U hospital for more extensive rehab, working on his balance,motor skills and things needed for everyday life. Kyle was making great progress & the DR's were surprised with how good he was doing. He worked hard to overcome things that used to be so easy for him. Finally on Oct 5th they put the skull piece back into his head with 32 screws & plates. Oct 8th we got to take him home - one week week before his 21st birthday. But he wasn't done....... Still doing rehab at our home with 4 different therapist for three more months... Then he would go into Salt Lake to rehab until June 2007. When the doctor cleared Kyle, the day after we were at the track so he could ride. About 3 weeks later he conquered the 90ft jump where he had wrecked. Of course his signature whips came soon after. He is working hard to better his riding skills. Currently he is racing in the over 30b class some of his accomplishments on the track since the accident:

2008 Wild West series 1-1st

2008-2009 Heber City ArenaX 5th place

2008- DeseretPeak 4-1st & series champion

2009- DeseretPeak 3-2nd

2009- Wild West series 1-2nd

2009 SaltLake city Arenacross- 3-3rd,1-2nd,2-1st, series champion

2010 DeseretPeak 2nd-1,2-1st,& series champion

2010 Ecenter( Bad Boys of Racing) 2nd

2010 Utah Summer Cross 2-1st

2010-2011 Salt City Arena Cross 3-3rd,3-2nd,5-1st & series champion

2011 DeseretPeak 3-1st Series champion

2012 RMR 1-4th,1-2nd

2013 RMR top 5

2015 RMR top 3

2016 RMR top 4 

2017 RMR 2nd over all in over 30b

Kyle consistently finishes in the top 5, no matter what track or series he is involved in. Having spent time with his trainer Doug Jackson, he learned to want to share this knowledge with younger riders. Kyle and Riley (founder of type1racing) became good friends through riding and racing. They both have and continue to overcome obstacles life has given them. Kyle wants to help others understand what Riley is facing everyday,and that you can overcome obstacles if you work hard and keep trying. Kyle holds himself well no matter what the venue. He is a well respected racer. He spends countless hours helping other riders/racers better themselves & sacrifices his own time for anyone in need. Keep an eye on the #132 of Kyle Williams, whether he's screaming past you or flying over you, he is unforgettable. Plans he had for the future before were: acheive Pro Status by 2006 and join a racing team. Wanted to help mentor other riders the way Doug Jackson had done with him. Mostly, just ride as often as he can, as long as he can, as fast as he can. He has accomplished all of this even with the accident except the Pro Status which in 2006 he was about to change to. Kyle emits pride,integrity and selfless service to the following: Type1Racing,Steadmans Recreation,Local Hero& Magic Inc..................................................................................................................................................................................