Randi Thomas #157  

 Hey guys! 

As you can see, I am the one who tries to run the website, instagram and have a hand in our Facebook page. My passion for this cause and the family we have built with Type1Racing, stems from the boy who started it all. Riley Jensen has become a brother to me. I will do what I can to help him with his dream and make things possible, no matter the lengths. I am here for any questions or support needed.

A little about me.. I do ride! I have a YFZ250 and, yes, a Polaris 500. I love dirtbikes, wheelers and everything above. Sometimes I ride a little too hard, so I just enjoy a good ride, I am not a racer. Pictured below, I think sums up our passion. I ride along side my husband, whom also races for Type1Racing. He brought me into this great family and cause and I couldn't be anymore thankful. I have two, four-legged, babies. They are typically right by my side, wherever I go.

Really hope to see our organization grow and make dreams come true. You can contact me at msrandithomas@gmail.com if you have questions!