Shawn Jensen #0 2007 RMZ 250

I am a founder of Type 1 Racing and Riley's Dad. My wife and I had seen Riley start having issues at a very young age with asthma. He had many stays in the hospital. The last one was a 5 day stay and they could not get his asthma under control. It scared me to death . I did some real soul searching about what was important. At that time I was pulling 50 hours a week at work and then when I would get home I would work half the night. I was always taught to work hard with a strong work ethic was instilled in me by my mother and father. I then came to the conclusion that my family was not going to take a back seat  anymore. Riley had always had the same interest I had in bikes, cars anything that ran on gas basically. I had not been on a track or a bike for a long time . Riley's first bike was a 80's 110 3 wheeler he jumped on that thing and was fearless. Me and his mom then decided it was time for this boy to race . We purchased a KLX 110 and he took to racing like a fish to water. He took the Deseret peak series championship first year on the bike. During that year he was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. It hit my wife and I hard. I had two uncles one I had known and loved very much as child and one I did not know at all but still held a special place in my heart . They were my mothers twin brothers Leon and Deon Hyatt they both passed away from complications from diabetes. It has ran in my wife's and my family for years and took many that we loved. I was scared to death. I cannot explain what it is like to have that news given to you. So again we spent a few days in the hospital and I did more soul searching. I wanted my son to be a happy healthy young man and it just seemed as the chips were stacking up against our family and the world was sitting on our shoulders. The last day in the hospital a women had came in from the JDRF to talk to us. At first I was just in a haze until she explained to us that things could be alright. As long as he cared for himself and there was nothing that other kids could do that he couldn't. It was like some of the chips that were stalked against us were being removed and the weight was getting lighter. When she had left Riley began to come up with the Idea of what we are now Type 1 Racing. My son is the reason our family started Type 1 racing. As it has grown to what it is now and continues to grow. I have met some great people with very large hearts.  I only hope we were able to help someone with the weight on there shoulder's . I hope we were able to remove a little weight. I as a racer for Type 1 Racing have raced over 35b over 40B and sportsman and antique classes. I have finished the series many times in the top 3. In the 2012 season I was able to finish first in the 250 b class and 3rd in Sportsman I placed in the top 5 in over 35.In 2013 I finished 2nd overall in sportsman class at RMR .In 2016 I was able to take the championship in the sportsman class. In 2017 I took 2nd in Sportsman class and 3rd in antique class. In 2018 I took 2nd overall in Sportsman and had some fun in the retro vintage class. I love riding and racing and hope I am able to improve and have a couple more years on the bike.