In June of '08. Riley Jensen's, life was changed forever when he was diagnosed at the age of 10 with Type 1 Diabetes(T1D). He decided as he left the hospital that he wanted to inspire others, especially other children, to follow there dreams and prove that life doesn't stop with T1D- he wanted to 'bring the hope' to others. Riley wanted to show everyone that he may have T1D but T1D did not have him and it could be the same for other children and adults living with T1D or with other obstacles to overcome. The community overwhelmingly supported him and now one boy's dream is the dream of many. Type1Racing is a 501c3 corporation determined to bring hope and inspiration to others. Type1Racing team members are passionate about reaching out to the community to empower individuals and family's living with T1D. All members are educated by our C.D.E and assist in diabetic outreach by racing for a cure-whether it be motocross, desert racing, bmx, oval track racing, or all the way up to dragsters! 
Any type of racing don't give up. You got this...